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May 23, 2010 by jessperriam

I’ll admit it, I’m that dork on the train. Bleary eyed at 7am, just hopped on at Bull Creek Station, book in hand, ready to glare at anyone who thinks it’s OK to have their doof-doof music on their mp3 player at full bore.

I have played out the scenario in my head whereby I violently slap said anonymous passenger in the side of the head with the spine of my paperback yelling, “Ok, now you’ve shared your poor taste in music with 60 of your nearest and dearest commuters,  turn it down or I’ll start reading my book aloud. Really loudly. In your ear.”

Yeah, there’s reasons why things play out in my head and not in real life.

Plus, the effects of reading a book aloud in the ear of a fellow commuter would lose its charm if that book is Jane Austen’s Persuasion.

Another admission: I’m embarrassed to have read another Jane Austen book. It casts me as a chick flick loving, fairy tale believing little lady. I really do fear that commuters, while they don’t judge books by their covers, they do judge fellow passengers by the covers of the books they’re reading.

I hid the cover of Persuasion as much as possible.

You need to concentrate when reading Jane Austen because it’s a couple of hundreds years old, things took time to explain back then. It took me two or three weeks of commuting to finishing reading the relatively thin paperback.

Is it bad that I preferred Austen’s quiet, faithful, hopeful, expectant Anne Elliot of Persuasion compared to the bombastic, indignant Lizzie Bennett of Pride and Prejudice?

I don’t think so. But then again, I don’t think it’s one of life’s burning questions either…

So that wasn’t so much a review of what I read but rather some rambling that may or may not have lightly referenced Jane Austen and ranted heavily about my fellow commuters.


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