Dr Jess Perriam is a digital sociologist and researcher. Her work focuses on technology use in everyday life, with particular interests in the public sector, cybersecurity and popular culture.

Jess currently works as a lecturer in sociology at the Open University and is deputy chair of the 2nd year module Understanding Digital Societies.

She is also interested in applied digital sociological research and has worked in various user research roles in the UK public sector since 2013.

Jess received her PhD in Sociology from Goldsmiths, University of London in 2018 and an MA Digital Sociology, also from Goldsmiths in 2013.

You can get in touch via:

Twitter: @jessyp

Email: jess [dot] perriam [at] open [dot] ac [dot] uk

About the Six AM Book Club

The Six AM Book Club is a space on this site for book reviews of science and technology studies, digital sociology and media studies related books.  The reviews are aimed at a non-academic audience to attempt to explain how STS and digital sociology research is relevant and interesting to industry, the public sector and everyday life. I also try to frame the reviews within my own research or teaching activities.

I do most of my reading at 6am – hence the name,  Six AM Book Club. I’m also trying to read books cover to cover in order to give the author the satisfaction of someone having read the entire book that they have painstakingly crafted to flow in a particular way.

Come for the CV info part of this site, stay for the book reviews 🙂

You can also play along with the 6AM Book Club on Twitter @6ambook